How Raven Housing Trust is using big data and automation to better understand their asset portfolio.

Raven Housing Trust is an innovative and ambitious Housing Association operating in Surrey and Sussex with over 5,900 homes under management. Their core mission, like many other Housing Associations, is to build much needed affordable homes for their local residents. 

They are extremely forward-thinking and are founding members of the National Housing Federation’s Building Better campaign which has been working to boost the uptake of Modern Methods of Construction in the Housing Association sector.

The need:

Raven Housing Trust owns many sites across Surrey and Sussex. Some are small, medium and large. The most efficient use of their in-house resources was to focus on their largest most strategic sites, which meant that many of their other sites were not being built on. 

In order to know where to focus their development resource, Raven wanted to better understand the risk profile of their asset portfolio and aggregate Site Investigation data as efficiently as possible.

The RenKap offering

The RenKap process has made completing Site Investigation a super simple three-step process. The below illustrations demonstrate how RenKap supported Raven Housing Trust to aggregate Site Investigation data twice as fast whilst reducing their in-house resource requirement by 99%. This allowed them to tender the Site Investigation works and capture data across their portfolio at a click of a button!


Commision Site Investigation (Pay)

Review Summary

The output

We have much admiration for Raven Housing Trust for immediately seeing the potential of our solution and for being extremely pro tech and innovation. 

Raven decided to uploaded three sites on our platform simultaneously. It took them less than 7 minutes to upload each site and within 5 days they received 3 fully analysed and digital tender reports for each site. This included the benchmark data for over 120 separate tenders over the three sites.

Raven selected one site to commission the Site Investigation works on and they received the full Site Investigation output via an online summary dashboard within 6 weeks. All of the reports and site data is held on the RenKap cloud platform for them to review, download and share with their teams as necessary.

A new use case

Raven identified that our Automated Site Investigation solution can also help them to quickly and efficiently undertake a thorough due diligence on sites that they are looking to buy. Soon after the first site was commissioned, they uploaded another site that they were assessing. With the permission of the landowner, we completed all the Site Investigation works to give Raven site specific data to support them in their land buying negotiations and to provide certainty for their future development.

Let’s get started

If you too would like to aggregate data on your asset portfolio then please reach out via email at or alternatively request a live demo from a member of our team via the button below.