Site Investigation

Site Investigation is the process of conducting risk assessments, collecting information and reporting any potential hazards on underutilised land.

Completing Site Investigation

The current process

The current process to complete Site Investigation works is slow and time-consuming.
It typically takes a landowner 12 weeks to complete the process:

— 6 weeks to tick off in-house management actions;
— 6 weeks for a supply chain to complete reports;

From start to finish, conducting Site Investigation surveys are a long, complex and manual process, which a lot of landowners fail to complete!

The RenKap process 

Completing Site Investigation works the RenKap way is super simple. Our tech enables our clients to aggregate site data at a click of a button.
Clients can:

— shortlist;
— qualify;
— procure;
— tender;
— manage;
— review the outcome of each survey in just a few clicks. 

We reduce our clients’ in-house management time from 6 weeks to under 1 hour
— reducing resource requirement by 99%.

When it comes to completing site due diligence, we don’t mess around.

Upload Sites

Site Investigation

Review Summary

What surveys do we complete?

— Archaeology Survey

— Asbestos Survey

— Flood Risk Assessment

— Geotechnical Survey

— Legal Search

— Land Contamination – Part 1

— Land Contamination – Part 2

— Preliminary Ecology Survey

— Preliminary Ecology Survey

— Residential Noise Survey

— Topographical Survey

— Tree Survey

— UXO Assessment

— Utility Survey – Type B

— Utility Survey – Type D

Choosing our solution

Our Site Investigation product boosts in-house development capacity at a click of a button.

This means our clients can do a lot more with less.


Resource Reduction

of Scale

12 week process
reduced to 6 weeks

Secure Cloud Storage
& Audit Tracking

Aggregated Data

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