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I remember when Disney+ came out and my friends were telling me how great it was and that I should get it (we didnt have much else to talk about during the pandemic..). I just didn’t understand the need as I already had Netflix and Amazon Prime. But Disney+ had a great offer, a free trial for 2 months. I had nothing to lose, I tested it out and hey it wasn’t for me so I didn’t re-subscribe.

RenKap ROI Calculator

How to calculate your RenKap ROI

Our existing clients save an average of £36,000 per year on management costs alone.


Our platform reduces our clients management time from over 4 weeks per site to under 1 hour. Assuming an average salary of £40k and including employee on costs, that 4 weeks costs our clients approx £1k. RenKap therefore allows our clients to save over £4k per site and our average client uploads 10 sites per year = average client saving of £34,000 per year.