Reduce your in-house management
time from 6 weeks to 1 hour


With RenKap, completing site investigation for your property development works the way it should. Our easy-to-use platform enables you to commission suppliers and aggregate site data at the click of a button. We reduce your in-house management time from 6 weeks to 1 hour – reducing painful administration time by as much as 99%.

We find RenKap to be highly efficient and easy to work with. The platform
has enabled us to speed up turn around times and keep costs low.

Paul Hinett – Clarke Willmott

The RenKap platform has provided more opportunities and their fast-track procurement has saved a lot of time and bidding costs.

Colin Hiscock – Your Environment

“We’ve saved a large amount of time not having to co-ordinate surveys ourselves and we’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the low cost.”

Stephen Clements – Development Manager

Trusted Clients

The future of smarter property development.


– RenKap has built the frst of its kind property development management platform
to save you time and money. The frst product replaces the traditional site investigation process with a quicker and more efcient method of identifying risks on any given site.

– Public and private sector developers can now procure, instruct and manage
all the separate site investigation surveys within hours instead of weeks.

– Using our easy-to-use platform, you can make fast decisions on which sites
to buy or build on and complete the crucial stage of site investigation quickly
and to a high quality. Take better control over your site risks with RenKap.

Fast site investigation for public and private sectors

Public sector development


Property developers can now tender, instruct and analyse high-quality site investigation surveys within hours, instead of weeks or months.


  • High-quality output
  • Public sector compliant
  • Removes complexity in process and potential failure points


We’re easy to procure via the G-Cloud framework

Private sector development


We’ll take care of the surveys and highlight any risks and next steps, so that you can make a faster decision on whether or not to purchase or build on a site.


  • Avoid abortive costs
  • Instant access to high-quality suppliers
  • Maximise profts on every project

Internal reporting


One easy-to-understand dashboard and reporting platform so you can quickly secure stakeholder buy-in.


  • Share dashboards with your stakeholders to show the site investigation fndings from across your portfolio.
  • Reports include risk rating and next steps.
  • Meets RenKap’s bespoke scope of services and RICS and British Standard best practice guidance.

Why choose RenKap?


The RenKap platform provides fexibility in how you manage your site investigations, providing high-quality output to help you make fast, accurate decisions. All at a great price.

Our platform – it’s the first of its kind

Our platform – it’s the first of its kind

We’re making development management easier than ever, focusing on site investigation initially. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more about our new products coming soon.

We’re all about innovation

We’re all about innovation

We’re removing the frustration from the current manual ways of working. Our technology-led process saves time, money, and frees you to focus on what matters most.

Simple, fast, secure and reliable site investigation

Simple, fast, secure and reliable site investigation

Submit your requirements and request all the site investigation surveys at the click of a button. This approach helps you to avoid abortive costs. You can instruct all the surveys, or just a few

Our proprietary Supplier Scope of Services

Our proprietary Supplier Scope of Services

Suppliers must complete work to RenKap’s well defined scope of services (defined using best practice standards from RICS and British Standard) to ensure consistency in price and service comparison and a high standard of work.

Immediate access to
the highest-quality suppliers



We have a rigorous process that ensures suppliers are compliant with RICS and British Standard’s best practices. All of our suppliers have passed our thorough Pre-Qualifcation Questionnaire and have signed up to our bespoke Scope of Services to ensure a high-quality output for our clients on every site.


Gonzalo Marquesini, Founder at RenKap is the youngest ever Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors worldwide.

Commitment to compliance

RICS and British Standard best practice

Founded by youngest ever Fellow of RICS worldwide

If you are interested in joining our network of high-quality suppliers, get in touch.

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Schedule a time to speak to one of our experts about what you’re
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