Residential development has been stuck in the mud for too long.
We’re here to shake things up.

The Future of Property Development

Property development is risky, time consuming and manual – but it doesn’t have to be.

The RenKap platform allows ambitious housebuilders to boost their capacity and scale.

Whether you are a public sector housebuilder or an SME, we help you do a lot more with less.

Our Products

We’re busy building our full suite of products that will enable our clients to identify the sites they own (public sector specific), complete intensive Site Investigation, instantly access feasibility data, manage the design and planning stages of developments and procure and manage all construction works.

Our first product, Automated Site Investigation, is live and has been a big success.

Automated Site Investigation

Site Investigation is a crucial stage of the development process where various surveys are conducted to identify the potential risks on a given site.

This process is time consuming and an admin nightmare to procure and manage. Our tech simplifies Site Investigation works by aggregating site risk data in 3 simple steps.

Learn more to find out how we reduced in-house management time by 99%.


Whether you’re a public sector organisation or a private sector SME, we can help you boost your in-house development capacity through tech. Capacity constraints are no longer a barrier. Get in touch or book a demo to find out more.


RenKap is creating an ecosystem of professional partners throughout each stage of our platform. This covers Site Investigation partners, Feasibility, Design and Planning consultants, SME’s contractors and offsite manufacturers for the Construction stage.

Want to know more?

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